In 2017, I participated in Finnish Art Agency‘s mentoring program for artists Shift 2017


Finnish Art Agency interview
Meet Shift artist Interview




Shift 17 Group Exhibition


Silja Selonen, Elina Salonen, Tamara Piilola, Anu Kauhaniemi, Päivi Allonen


An Extra Pair of Wings 1


An Extra Pair of Wings  2017
engraved glass and plywood
75 x 103 x 5 cm                                                                               

“I am interested in the way we pay attention to the small things in our everyday life. What captures our interest and why some things remain invisible to us? In my work An Extra Pair of Wings, these thoughts take the form of glass wings. When light hits the glass, engraved lines create shadows and feather pattern becomes visible.

Migratory birds and the way they navigate and fly long distances is something I find very interesting. Wings of different kinds of birds tell about the ability to fly. I associate it with the freedom and possibility to take new directions. I started to question how we humans navigate in our lives. Especially when one is looking for a change. How to choose a new road and to find the right direction?”.




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